Spanish, Language Variation and Linguistic Technologies

Researcher in chargeEsther Hernández Hernández



The group undertakes the study of Spanish through the lense of its synchronic and diachronic varieties as well as the novel linguistic technologies useful to their analysis. The variation under scrutiny thus encompasses historical, geographical and social manifestations along with structural features of the language, contemplated also from a comparative interlinguistic perspective.

The research group brings together several lines with competitive financed projects. The group has proved able of attracting pre- and postdoctoral students and researchers. It edits different linguistic atlases and diffuses online the rich lexicographical materials stored at the CSIC. It fosters national and international academic cooperation and develops an intense expert advisory activity. It is integrated in the ITP Es-CIENCIA and has helped formulate two challenges for White Books 1 and 11. He is in charge of the direction of the Revista de Filología Española and its collection of Annexes, as well as the journal Loquens. The Phonetics Lab is also supervised by the group and requires immediate action.


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Dept. of Language and Discourse Analysis 

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