Written and Material Culture in the Mediterranean: Papyrology and Diplomatics

Researcher in charge: Amalia Zomeño Rodríguez



This group works mainly on Papyrology and Diplomatics. We pay special attention to the edition, analysis, and study of Ancient and Medieval texts. However, our main and distinctive focus lays on the holistic study on the materiality of these crucial "residues"; preserved in Mediterranean societies. In this way, we are especially interested in the analysis of the writing materials and their production, but also on the process of writing, reading and transmitting their contents. Furthermore, we inquiry on the reasons why these texts were preserved, and on the historical life we may assume both of their origins and their contemporary archives.

The members of this group study, analyze, and compare different times of transition and crisis in the Mediterranean, from Late Antiquity to the Middle Age, taking as the main sources the different documentary corpuses (Coptic and Arabic).


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